A lot of interesting stuff came out of my late parents’ home; they were the original owners who purchased the tract house brand new in the 1950s. My late mother was always something of a hoarder, but she went through a few stages – when I was a teenager, she started dragging me around to local antique shops; then I moved out (when I was 22) she had a spare bedroom to store her thrift store and yard sale finds (items she planned to repurpose … yeah, before it was popular); the final stage took place once my father crossed-over (I was 51) when she really upped her hoarding to newer cheap stuff ordered from the shopping channels (she was a bit of a computer-phobe so she never got into online sales and auctions!).

The following are photographs of items that have either already been sold, were discarded, donated, or are just not for sale (still in my possession). I just wanted to share some of the ‘gems’ that emerged from 50+ years of hoarding while in the same home.