Can you tell that I have cleaned out my late parents’ Orange County, California house?! 

Initially I referred to it as “Hoarder Haven,” but then it was shortened to “The Hoard” by many of my friends who were watching it unfold via social media.  This mid-1950s ranch-style home was purchased new and was inhabited by my middle-class family – the only owners.  As an only child, the task of clearing through 50+ years of accumulated stuff had fallen to me.  My mother saved everything … from Chinese takeout menus left at the door in the 1970s to paid bill stubs from the 1950s.  She was a hoarder before it was chic. It has taken me years to sort through all of it.  The useless and broken things were discarded early in the excavation process; and now the usables have been on their way out the front door with much going to my favorite thrift shop; and the kitsch that remains is ready to sell!

 50+ years of accumulated stuff … all useable – tchotchkes, furniture, kitsch … all in need of new homes.

• All items (unless otherwise noted) are for sale

• Most items are in mint condition (imperfections will be cited in the post)

What Is the Hoity-Toity Collection?

While going through The Hoard, I found an additional stash of items belonging to my father’s twin aunts, Beatrice and Blanche.  In their later years, they lived together in La Jolla after their respective husbands passed. The twins were rather prissy little ladies. I was well into my teen years when Beatrice died, yet I had never met her. Apparently she didn’t like the whole notion of her nephew marrying someone who was … gasp! … brown-skinned. For the record, I did know Blanche fairly well, and while she possessed many of the same snooty standards as her twin, she was always kind to me. Blanche inherited Bea’s possessions, and when the former also passed a number of years later, my poor dad fell heir to an assortment of high-end ladies’ clothes, costume jewelry, and some 1950s-1960s knick-knacks.  So now, the (mixed!) great-niece is hawking Bea’s treasures. I thought it seemed fair that her shit deserved its own special designation.

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